Caprid Ventures is creating products that make complicated and time consuming things simple, across a range of markets.

Founded in 2018 by Patrick Johnston, Caprid aims to solve problems where a large amount of information is available on a subject, but it's only intelligible with excessive manual effort or memory recall.
That doesn't feel right - why should you have to invest loads of time on forums and blogs to learn how to earn and spend airline miles most efficiently, or read critics' reviews, study grape varietals, geography, wine production, and taste widely, in order to understand what's in a single bottle of wine?


Patrick Johnston headshot
Patrick, a Canadian transplant in London, is a former financial services professional who's super into travel, wine, cycling, motorsport, photography, and the ocean.
You can find the things he's been working on at Caprid here, as well as reach out on Instagram, Twitter, and Github.